Ferme de réseau

With the explosion of combining computing and communication tools, Impact Consulting helps you determine the design of your network architectures, with the
interest we pay to technological intelligence, to anticipate changes and provide performance and reliability.

Therefore, we bring you an added value in the selection and implementation , taking into consideration the needs and development of your business and the current economic environment.


What we do:

  • Existing infrastructure audit, requirements analysis, design, architecture and writing the tender technical specifications replacing LAN, including all layers (edge, distribution, heart, server farms) and features (load balancing, VoIP transport video over the IP transport …) as well as other telecommunications equipment (traffic shaping and traffic acceleration)


  • Infrastructure analysis, design and services
  • Report on options for improvements in network infrastructure, incorporating details of the financial and operational implications
  • Hints for optimum technological evolution of telephony infrastructure


  • Needs analysis in terms of bandwidth, number of connections redundancy, connectivity type and other parameters related to quality of service
  • Defining one or more network architectures meeting the requirements specified by the customer
  • Submission for approval of different solutions with advantages and disadvantages
  • Definition of technological application independently of any specific supplier to allow a tender “open”


  • Production of specifications relating to cabling and wiring passive element
  • Support the selection of potential bidders on the basis of a tool
  • Validation bills of quantities based on the plans, cable trays and technical premises indicated
    on the plans
  • Analysis of expressed needs and technical transformation charter which will serve as a basis for the development of the technical annex to the specifications that meet the best practice in this area
  • Definition selection criteria for the weighting of the tool and the publication in the tender